This book reveals symbols, used so abundantly, in the Bible.  It tells what they mean, and what they are telling us.  Symbols say much more than words!  


Capitals, in lower case first letters, of words, also tell a great deal.  For example, should "holy spirit" be capitalized?  Most times no, because, though God is a Spirit, the "holy spirit" is our own spirit, wedded to the Spirit of the Almighty.


It is in union with God, but it is, in part, our own spirit.  How much of it is God, how much "you," depends of you!

This book was compiled using, for the most part, the "Concordant Literal New Testament," which sources the most ancient Greek language scriptures. Reference materials relate to the "New King James," with regard to concordances, dictionaries, and commentaries referenced.  The "Concordant Literal New Testament," has a European sentence structure, so you have to get used to it.  However, once you get used to it, it is quite beautiful.


Over the centuries, the Bible has been re-written to reflect the thinking and doctrines of men, and to ensure, in order to be published, that it was at least ten percent different from the previous versions. These in depth studies will negate these endeavors.


The results show, although you may think your bible doesn't agree with this edition, in fact, it does - it does agree!


It addresses subjects, perhaps often thought of, but never asked about, such as:


The lingering mystery of the elusive Judas Iscariot!  Who is he really?

Why did Ananias and Sapphira have to die?

The crucifixion of Jesus - was it on a cross?

Just who was Simon, the leper?

Did God really change the Sabbath?

What did "Samson" represent in the story of "Samson and Delilah?"  What was his strength, and his weekness?


These questions, and many more, are asked - and answered!


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